Titanium Broadheads

Q: Can I use other blades in the 125gr head or Titanium?

A: Yes You can use the 1.5 rage blades or the 2 in blades in either head.

2 Blade Broadheads

Q: How to you get out the center pin in the rage 2 blade?

A: The center is a Knurled pin. Place the broadhead over an opening that will allow the old pin to be pushed out. Tap the old pin with the new pin until the old pin is exposed on the opposite side. Pull the old pin out with a pliers, replace the blades, and tap the new pin the rest of the way through.

Q: What grains does the Rage 2, 2 inch blade come in?

A: 100 gr., 125 gr.

3 Blade Broadheads

Q: What size is the 3 blade middle screws and where can I find one?

A: It's a .035 allen, and it's included in the replacement blade kit with the long blades.

Q: What grains does the rage 3 blade come in?

A: 100 gr.


Q: What size is the screw on the tip blade?

A: On all Rage tip blades the allen wrench needed to remove the tips is a .050.

Q: Will Rage open up out if shot out of my crossbow?

A: No, we have tested them up to 405 ft per second. Making sure the broadhead is properly closed when placed on the shelf is very important.

Q: Can you shoot rage though the screen or mesh on a ground blind?

A: Yes you can.

Q: Why in my quiver do the Rage broadheads open?

A: You need a mechanical broadhead quiver or a simply a quiver with dual "retainers" and an open hood. When the broadheads are pushed into anything, including the foam of a quiver hood, they are designed to deploy. Using the correct quiver will ensure the broadheads stay locked in place.

Q: Can you use the Rage broadheads on Big Game animals?

A: Refer to the kinetic energy calculator on the Rage broadheads website. Check the kinetic energy that your set up is producing. Make sure it is ample for the game you are going to pursue. If you are going after large game animals such as elk, moose, buffalo, etc. you may want to consider using the Rage 40 KE which will give you better penetration on large game animals if your set up is not producing enough KE for the animal you're after.

Q: How to I take advantage of the GET YOUR GAME GUARANTEE?

A: You would have to send us everything you have left, Plus the practice head and a letter stating how the heads did not perform up to your standards. Also include that you want a refund. Once we Receive everything we will review your claim and Issue you a one time refund.