Hypodermic +P 125

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Hypodermic +P 125
  • Stainless Steel Hypodermic Ferrule
  • 125 Grain
  • 1.5 Cutting Diameter
  • Super Swept Back Blade Design
  • .035 Blade Thickness
  • Extreme Series SHOCK COLLAR
  • Includes Free Practice Head
  • 3 Pack

The Hypodermic +P features the precision-machined stainless steel Hypodermic ferrule with surgically ground, .035-inch-thick stainless steel blades that deploy to a 1.5-inch cutting diameter after creating the initial 2-inch “slap cut” entry hole. In addition to superior penetration, the two-blade Hypodermic +P broadhead offers bow hunters greater flight characteristics and durability for short blood trails and quick kills. Equipped with the proprietary Rage Shock Collar™, the Hypodermic +P boasts optimum blade retention with consistently reliable blade deployment.