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  • Anodized Aluminum Ferrule
  • 85 grains
  • 1.5” Cutting Diameter
  • Swept back blade angle
  • .035 Blade Thickness
  • Extreme Series SHOCK COLLAR

The Rage SS-85 broadhead is sure to appeal to speed freaks as well as archers who shoot lower poundage bows but still want the huge entry holes and massive wound channels Rage is famous for. The Rage SS-85 was engineered to create maximum performance and lethality for shorter draw lengths and lower poundage bows, but also provides more speed for those who crave FPS.

The Rage SS-85 broadhead incorporates a swept blade angle with the same anodized aluminum ferrule and leading-edge blade designs used in the immensely popular Rage X-treme broadhead. The smaller 1.5-inch cutting diameter and smooth, tapered ferrule provide even more penetration on big game when using bows with kinetic energy of less than 40 ft./lbs. This patented design maintains energy longer and penetrates deeper than other similar broadheads.

The Rage SS-85 features surgically sharp 0.035-inch blades, and it has an in-flight diameter of 3/4-inch for field-tip-level accuracy. Incorporating the proven Shock Collar blade-retention system, the Rage SS-85ensures that blades stay in place until they hit their target but allow the blades to deploy with absolute reliability.